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To help us better understand your needs, please let us know below if you are absolutely new to aviation, and want to start from scratch, or if you are already a pilot looking for more information on what we offer. This will help us in guiding you through our website:

Hire and Fly

If you're a pilot wishing to come and experience the magnificent Cape Town and surrounding areas from the sky, we are your one-stop place to hire an aircraft. Our prices are some of the cheapest in the country and we take exceptional care of all our aircraft. Click below for more.

Scenic Flights

We get it! You might not be interested in becoming a pilot yourself, but you still love flying. If you love flying and also appreciated incomparable scenery, we'll be very happy to take you on a scenic flight in the Cape Town area. Talk to us about your specific needs, and we'll try our best to make it happen. 

Intro Flights

Ever wished that you could have a taste of some food, before ordering it from the menu? With us, you can! If you are thinking about becoming a pilot, but want to make 100% sure, let us take you on an intro flight. We will explain the basics to you and allow you to get a feel for how it feels to pilot an aircraft.

About Luv2Fly
Intro Video around Stellenbosch

Luv2Fly is a SACAA and ICAO approved ATO (Approved Training Organisation) based at Cape Town International Airport in the Western-Cape of South Africa. We pride ourselves in training safe and competent pilots, whether they are doing a LSA, PPL, COM or ATPL. Our instructors have thousands upon thousands of hours of experience. 

What distinguishes us from many others flight schools?

  1. Our prices are by far some of the lowest in the world.

  2. We are ideally situated at an international airport which means that our students get accustomed to working with ATC (Air Traffic Control) and flying in and out of controlled airspace from their first lesson.

  3. Every lesson/flight has scenic beauty which you don't find at many other places around the world.

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