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Helping where we can - sharing our passion for people and flying.

What is Care2Fly?

Care2Fly is a part of the Luv2Fly Aeronautical Training Organisation which focuses on helping where we can. Similar projects around the world are sometimes called MercyFlights or MercyAir etc. The idea is that we would try our best to help in a situation where an aircraft is needed to render a much-needed service such as aiding in saving a life. Every situation is different so therefore it is not possible to list our Care2Fly services here. 

Examples of Care2Fly flights*
  • Delivering urgent medicine;

  • Helping in Missionary work;

  • Transporting a sick animal to a care facility;

  • Helping with an evacuation;

  • Transporting a cancer patient for chemotherapy.

How much does it cost?

Once again, because every situation is different, it is not possible to estimate a cost here. The best option is to contact us in advance and we will really try our best to demonstrate the Care we're talking about with Care2Fly. 


*Please remember that we do not offer Air Ambulance Services, nor are our aircraft in any way medically equipped. We use normal training aircraft to render these Care2Fly Flights. Care2Fly merely offers an alternative mode of transportation that might be a little bit faster and is able to reach isolated areas more easily. Since safety is our number one priority, we might have to turn down a request if we deem that the safety risk involved is too large. Every request will be assessed on its own merit.

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